In conjunction with our funding partner, Wood Heat is able to offer funding to cover the complete cost of the biomass heating installation which qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). This enables our customers to enjoy the benefit of massively reduced heating and hot water bills (by up to 70%) from a renewable source of energy with zero capital investment and no repairs or servicing costs.

The funding partner will:

  • Pay for the entire cost of the installation to include the boiler, the fuel storage and delivery system, ancillary hardware etc.
  • Pay a pepper corn rent for the occupational rights of the biomass heating installation for a term of 20 years and undertake to pay for any repairs, servicing and insurance
  • Offer you an opt out by way of a break clause at say 10 years whereby you can buy back the equipment and receive the remaining RHI payments

You the customer will:

  • Benefit from 20 years of sustainable fuel prices without the volatile Oil price rises
  • Commit to operating the system for the heat equivalent of 1314 hrs per annum
  • Provide no security or charges on the property
  • Retain any existing boiler as back up if applicable.
  • Provide access to the site for serving and maintenance
  • You will be charged only for the heat used by way of a meter in the property. This will be read on a quarterly basis