Aldenham Park

Aldenham Park

Aldenham Park

Biomass solution:

The Estate was using oil and LPG to heat seven properties including the Hall and swimming pool, but recently converted to biomass. An ETA Hack 199 kW biomass boiler now provides all the heat and hot water as a district heating scheme and is housed in a new bespoke boiler house with a large chip store with capacity to store 12 months supply of wood chip.

Fuel requirement:

120 tonnes of G50 wood chip

Fuel Source:

The Estate currently buys in wood chip from a local supplier but the Estate has recently purchased timber in the round which, once seasoned, will chip directly into the fuel store, thereby minimising the handling of the chip.

CO2 savings:

80 tonnes of CO2


Current fuel savings of 50% but once the Estate seasoned chip comes on line this will increase to 75% savings in fuel. Return on capital 23%