Abbeystead Estate

Abbeystead Estate

Abbeystead Estate

The Duke of Westminster’s Estate in Lancashire has been using oil fuel to heat all their property at Abbeystead and in a bid to reduce their fuel costs and carbon footprint they have invested in biomass as the single most efficient technology available to ensure future reduced energy costs and security of fuel supply.

Biomass Solution:

400 kW ETA Hack wood chip boiler in a new bespoke boiler house providing heat and hot water to the Manor House, 3 cottages, office and green house. The remote biomass boiler house pumps the heat via pre insulated underground heat main to all the properties.

Fuel Requirement:

The Estate currently buys in G50 wood chip in arctic lorry loads delivering 20 tonnes per load with an annual fuel requirement of 200 tonnes. But the Estate is currently harvesting it’s own timber and is in the process of seasoning this wood supply ready for chipping as a more sustainable form of energy.

Fuel Source:

200 tonnes of wood fuel, sourced and chipped on the Estate.

CO2 Savings:

166 tonnes CO2


50% savings on fuel costs with a further saving once the Estate timber is seasoned and ready for chipping.